A voucher for supporting the active exercising of the staff since 2005.

Tyky – for supporting exercise

The traditional Tyky is suitable for employers who want to direct their investments in wellbeing at work in sport activities. With the Tyky-vouchers you can e.g. pay for exercise classes, fitness memberships and personal training in dozens of different sports. Entering agreements with individual sport centers will burden the human recources management, but the Tyky-voucher will open doors to thousands of service providers throughout Finland with only one agreement! The name of the voucher was shortened in connection with the general update in the autumn 2016.  Tyky-Kuntoseteli is now briefly and concisely Tyky.

Choice and equality

Tyky is a flexible and equitable way of encouraging the staff to exercise. Every employee can use the benefit to exercise and chose whatever service provider they want. The threshold for testing new sports is also lowered when you have a payment mean provided by your employer in your pocket. Thanks to the nationwide network of service providers the Tyky-voucher also serves a large number of employees that travels or live far from the company’s headquarters.

Appreciated staff benefit

Supporting the wellbeing at work with exercise is a benefit that the staff surely will value and that will be effectively used. When the staff is doing well you will achieve results and the positive employer image of the company will be strengthened. The employer can reduce the cost of the voucher benefits in their taxation. The maximum tax exemption is 400 euros/employee/year.

Easy payment

There’s two values for the Tyky (2 € and 4 €). Vouchers with separate values will facilitate the budgeting and the reconciliation at the cashier. The vouchers are accepted as payment for their whole value.

Compare Tyky-payment means

Tyky Tyky+ Tyky-Online
Values 2 € and 4 € 2 € and 4 € Charging the exact amount
Minimum order amount 20 € 20 € 1 €
Delivery costs from 19 €/order from 19 €/order
The maximum annual amount of the benefit 400 €/person 400 €/person 400 €/person
Payment terms 7, 14 or 21 days net 7, 14 or 21 days net Order specific 7-21 days net or invoicing in arrears according to actual use 7-14 days net
Invoicing in arrears is possible x
Eligible for exercise x x x
Eligible for culture x x (employer may choose to remove)
Photo identification x
Safety by random user checks x x x
Invoicing in arrears according to actual use x

No payments in advance. Only the actual balance is billed. No costs for unused benefits.

Order-specific invoicing x
Period of validity Depending on the time of order, 15 to 27 months Depending on the time of order, 15 to 27 months Invoicing in arrears according to use: employer’s decision (e.g. at the end of the year)

Order specific invoicing: 2 years from the order

Physical payment mean x x
Automated distribution of benefits to the staff x

Four good reasons to choose Tyky:


Exercise improves the physical fitness of the employees.

Freedom of choice

The employee chooses the exercise and the service provider.


Thousands of service providers throughout Finland.

Tax free

The costs can be deducted in the company’s taxation.

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