An electronic payment method that is safe and easy to use.

Tyky-Online – For supporting exercise and culture

Tyky-Online is suitable for employers who want to avoid manual processing of payment means and instead manage their staff benefits electronically. For the employees Tyky-Online offers a flexible storage and use of the benefit as well as new alternatives for tracking their own activities.

Tyky-Online has been developed in cooperation with employers, beneficiaries and sports and cultural service providers. Tyky-Online is an electronic and mobile payment method that isn’t inconvenient for the beneficiary in any way. Tyky-Online entered the market in 2011 and has intensely gained popularity.

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Tyky-Online works like this

During the deployment phase the data of the employer’s beneficiaries is exported to the Tyky-Online service and at this point you also chose to download the recreational balance either as an order specific invoicing or as an invoicing in arrears according to use without payments in advance. After this the employees will be provided with an electronic voucher via e-mail and text message. The user can decide whether or not to keep the voucher as a picture on the cellphone or printed. This way you always carry the voucher with you. The information needed for the delivery of the benefit is; the employee’s first name, last name, e-mail address. If the employer doesn’t have this information in the system or if the employer otherwise wishes to involve the staff we will provide you with a register service free of charge which can easily collect the registration information of the beneficiaries and provide the benefit to those who want it.

When the voucher is charged at the service provider the exact amount will be reduced from the employee’s recreational balance. The employees can follow their own balance and history of use. The employer can follow the use and cost of the benefit with versatile reports. The payments received by the service providers will automatically be charged to the service providers.

Safety first

The employers and the tax authorities agree that the valuable staff benefit is only intended for the employee’s personal use and for work-improving activities.  Some of the sports and cultural benefits are misused; they are for instance handed over to other persons or used to buy non-eligible products. This is not possible with the Tyky-Online. The service providers have been instructed in receiving the benefit and the possibility of photographic identification – as the only payment method on the market – provides extra security for the use of the benefit.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden costs in using the Tyky-Online. Hidden costs are common for payment methods that are based on premium rate service numbers and text messages. Neither will the employer have any regular production or logistics costs as in card payment methods for sports and cultural benefits. That’s why Tyky-Online is particularly well suited for employers with a high employee turnover rate and also shorter employment relationships. A lost voucher can be renewed for free at any time.


Compare Tyky-payment means

Tyky Tyky+ Tyky-Online
Values 2 € and 4 € 2 € and 4 € Charging the exact amount
Minimum order amount 20 € 20 € 1 €
Delivery costs from 19 €/order from 19 €/order
The maximum annual amount of the benefit 400 €/person 400 €/person 400 €/person
Payment terms 7, 14 or 21 days net 7, 14 or 21 days net Order specific 7-21 days net or invoicing in arrears according to actual use 7-14 days net
Invoicing in arrears is possible x
Eligible for exercise x x x
Eligible for culture x x (employer may choose to remove)
Photo identification x
Safety by random user checks x x x
Invoicing in arrears according to actual use x

No payments in advance. Only the actual balance is billed. No costs for unused benefits.

Order-specific invoicing x
Period of validity Depending on the time of order, 15 to 27 months Depending on the time of order, 15 to 27 months Invoicing in arrears according to use: employer’s decision (e.g. at the end of the year)

Order specific invoicing: 2 years from the order

Physical payment mean x x
Automated distribution of benefits to the staff x

Four good reasons to choose Tyky-Online:

Real time

The benefits are delivered to everyone at the same time. The payments are charged from the employee’s recreational balance immediately.


The benefit is personal and targeted. The only payment method with photographic identification.


Comprehensive reports on the use of the benefit both for the employer and the employee.

Always available

You can keep the benefit in your cell phone, e-mail or printed. No apps or cards are required.

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