Exercise or culture, alone or in group, for everyone in approptiate proportions.

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Tyky is activating the Finnish citizens

A benefit with monetary value for maintaining wellbeing at work

It’s important for your employer that you are both mentally and physically fit. That’s why you have got access to, depending on your company, either a TykyTyky+ or Tyky-online tax free personal benefit.

Make your familiar hobby a habit or try a completely new sport with the support of your employer! You will surely find a pleasant hobby from the nationwide network of service providers.

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Thousands of cultural and sport sites available with one payment method.

Freedom of choice

Try dozens of new sports and find a new favorite hobby.

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Pay your hobbies with the familiar paper voucher or with the convenient Tyky-Online.


Take advantage of the benefit provided by your employer and exercise in contracted sites.

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Thousands of recreational possibilities from Hanko to Lapland

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Työnantaja, mietitkö henkilöstöetuja?

Meiltä suositut liikunnan ja kulttuurin, lounaan, hyvinvoinnin ja työmatkan maksuvälineet. Valikoimassa perinteiset ja mobiilit edut.