Tyky is the employer's best partner in arranging the staff's sports and cultural benefits.

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According to the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health one euro invested in the wellbeing at work will bring up to six euros back in form of reduced sick leaves and improved atmosphere. The traditional or mobile voucher for sports and culture provided by the employer is a benefit with monetary value that enhances the employer’s image in the eyes of the top professionals.

The Tyky-payment means help your business to take into account the hobbies of every employee. With one contact your staff will have access to thousands of sports and cultural sites throughout Finland, you choose if you want the traditional voucher or the electronic payment method.

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Thousands of recreational possibilities

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Meiltä suositut liikunnan ja kulttuurin, lounaan, hyvinvoinnin ja työmatkan maksuvälineet. Valikoimassa perinteiset ja mobiilit edut.