The employee’s instruction for use of the Tyky-Online

How to pay your recreational activities with the electronic Tyky-Online and to follow your balance.

Instructions for the employee


  • The Tyky-Online is delivered by e-mail. You can follow your balance and history of use by logging in to your own pages
  • If you have entered your mobile phone number the Tyky-Online will also be sent as a text message
  • The Tyky-Online voucher can be stored as a picture on your cell phone, attached to an e-mail or printed on paper to be carried around in your wallet or behind your ID card


  • Please mention at the cashier that you want to pay with Tyky-Online
  • Show the Tyky-Online at the cashier where a webcam or smartphone is used to read it or your serial number is entered to the system
  • You can decide whether or not to pay the full price for the service with the Tyky-Online or a part of it with cash or card
  • The payment will reduce your Tyky-Online balance
  • Tyky-Online is a personal benefit with monetary value. Keep the benefit and your login information secure
  • Don’t let your benefit be used by others. The service providers will see your name and your employer at the cashier. They have the right to check your identity if necessary!
  • The beneficiary can also pay for the recreational activities as an online payment at selected service providers. You will find the online payment method by logging in to your own page which also provides instructions on how to make a payment.

Following your balance and history of use

Your benefit has a validity period. You can follow this and your history of use by logging in to your own Tyky-Online pages.

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